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First Love Fine Arts and New York Divinity School present

Art after God’s Own Heart

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the_sacrifice__picture.jpgThe Sacrifice - Artist: Charles A. Hamrick

Please note: the nail is a person—the nail in Jesus’ hand is us!


Isaiah 49:16a: Behold I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands

* 10,000 limited edition,

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* available with or without a scripture overlay


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One Nation Under God

Lest we Forget the Cost of Freedom

- Artist: Charles A. Hamrick

Open edition fine art print, 20” x 13,” unframed

Publication Donation: $125.00

To benefit the New York Divinity School

Consider purchasing this print for your home, your church, your pastor, your office.

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Bible-based, Christ-Centered, Spirit-led and ministry driven

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First Love Fine Arts, LLC

“Art from the Heart of God”

Art that Calls the Church to First Love Passion for Christ & Souls to Repentance in the Marketplace

The Stories Behind the Paintings

One Nation. Under God

“Lest We Forget the Cost of Freedom”

Painting by Chuck Hamrick—Text by Greg Rudd & Chuck Hamrick, edited

A Call to the Body of Christ

The greatest liberating force the world has ever known was the Love of God expressed in the Person and the Passion of the Lord Jesus Christ. God has always used symbols to call us to remember His Goodness. In times past God used His Rainbow after the Great Flood to remind us of His forgiveness. The symbol of God’s Love for the world is the Cross of Calvary. We are called to remember the cost of our freedom each time we see the flag.

One Nation.Under God embodies the essence of personal Sacrifice by creating a montage of symbols established by our Godly forefathers; representing a country uniquely blessed among all the world’s nations by God Himself; our men and women in uniform; the major conflicts of our nation’s history; our armed services insignia; the great American eagle; the Medal of Honor; the stars and stripes; our diversity of cultures; indeed God’s ultimate Sacrifice, the Risen Christ, is portrayed in the painting as interceding for our nation and our people to return to our Godly Heritage so that we might fulfill our best destiny as those among His truly free people.

A Cosmic Page Has Turned, America

The dawn of the 21st Century has begun with war. On Sept 11 America was attacked. The spiritual battle for “hearts and minds” has suddenly intensified by a quantum leap of outrageously bold perversion of faith across the world. However, our enemy is not flesh and blood, but rulers, authorities, principalities and powers of this dark world and the spiritual forces of evil in heavenly realms. (Eph 6:12)

God’s Most Effective Weaponry: Prayer & Fasting

Queen Esther called for the Jewish people in every province of Persia to fast and pray as she put her life on the line for her people. (Esther 4) It is also recorded that Daniel fasted and prayed for three weeks as the “Prince of Persia” resisted the Will of God. (Daniel 10) It is becoming more and more evident that this current global conflict will not be won ultimately by military might. In our time, we are witness to an unprecedented Spiritual battle; a war of ideologies and spiritual forces of Good and Evil in global conflict which is surely setting the stage for Christ to return in Glory. “Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, says the Lord of Hosts. (Zech 4:6)

This powerful image—ONE NATION UNDER GOD—was spiritually created to be used as

* a call to America to remember our Godly heritage, and to fast and pray for the suffering people of the Middle East and other parts of the world along with our courageous men and women in uniform. Protecting human rights honors God and gives more opportunities for the Gospel

* a call to America to fast and pray for our soldiers to return home safely and soon.

* a Call to fast and pray against the ancient evil power of the “Prince of Persia” as a way to bring God’s Will for a lost world into full flower in these End Times.

Scripture makes it clear. When God’s Will hangs in the balance on a matter of cosmic importance, that scale can be tipped in favor of God’s Will when His people humble themselves, count the cost and begin to fast and pray. God Almighty promises it. (2 Chronicles. 7:14)

God is preparing a global Spiritual Awakening in our day! Rejoice!

First Love Fine Arts, LLC

“Art from the Heart of God”

Art that Calls the Church to First Love Passion for Christ & Souls to Repentance in the Marketplace

The Story Behind the Painting

The Sacrifice

“Behold I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands…”

Isaiah 49:16a

Painting by Chuck Hamrick—Text by the Artist

A Personal Prayer is Instantly Answered

This image was emblazoned on my mind during a time of prayer with a number of dear Christian brothers as we gathered in California in 1991. As others were praying aloud, I began to ask God in my spirit what would be a single image of power that could artistically convey in its essence the full meaning of God’s gift of salvation; its purpose; its cause; its core expression from God’s heart.

It was the first time such an inspiration has been so vivid in my spirit that it was conceived in its entirety in my mind at that very moment. I was compelled to record the vision as a drawing as soon as possible....and did so immediately upon returning to my studio in Connecticut.

God’s Endorsement Revealed

The resulting painting preceded the verse noted above—Isaiah 49:16a.

I began to search the Scriptures for just the right verse to accompany the image. God directed me to Isaiah where I found this portion of prophetic Word which I had not noticed before. I thought the two were perfect together as I believe the Lord gave them to me.

My prayer is, that the image will impact each viewer as we see our own sinful humanity as being the nail, as it is depicted in human form, which pierces Christ’s open, unflinching palm.

The underlying thought is scriptural: that our fallen human nature and our universal sin was what nailed him to the Cross so long ago. We each individually and personally are the reason He gave up His Glory in obedience to The Father and made Himself the Atonement for what we could never accomplish for ourselves nor by any other means... to become reconciled to God.

A perfect, sinless Sacrifice was required; the singular means to satisfy God’s Holy Righteous Judgment against us. So He sent Himself, in Jesus His Only Son, the only Righteous substitution possible, created in human flesh, to give His Perfect Life for us so we could be set free.

We are now, therefore, no longer under condemnation for our sin. (Romans 8:1)

How simple. Yet how profound. How Perfect.

Deo Gloria

Bible-based, Christ-centered, Spirit-led and ministry driven

New York Divinity School

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